Learning to let go, my journey to minimalism.

When I was younger I used to keep everything. If I picked up some pebbles on the beach I’d become attached to them and keep them, the same with toys, clothes, books and anything else you can imagine. My bedroom was bursting at the seams, I had bags of stuff in my parents loft thatContinue reading “Learning to let go, my journey to minimalism.”

You can find happiness in a hairbrush!

I’ve always made do throughout my life with either the thing that’s on trend and everyone has, the thing that’s cheap or on offer or the thing that’s still got life in it so why would I replace it.  I kept the same hair dryer for years that was a hand-me-down from my Mother, untilContinue reading “You can find happiness in a hairbrush!”

The sweetness of doing nothing…

Imagine you’re sitting on a little balcony in the heart of the Italian countryside, drink to hand, doing nothing. The sun is shining down, you can hear birds nearby singing and feel a gentle breeze on your face while you sit. How long would you spend there, by yourself just doing nothing? A few minutes,Continue reading “The sweetness of doing nothing…”