Why I’m trying journaling

I’ve always wanted to try and keep a diary in one form or another. Either the classic week to a page view to keep track of events or appointments, the ‘dear diary’ format where I can vent out some of my feelings or a pretty and creative bullet journal. But I’ve never been able toContinue reading “Why I’m trying journaling”

Not another lock down blog

We’re probably all aware by now of the awful pandemic that’s sweeping the globe. We are spending more time than ever at home and as strange as this whole situation is, I’ve tried to use the time to slow down and reflect. Now, some people are hating not being able to go out and doContinue reading “Not another lock down blog”

A letter to my teenage self

The inspiration for this came from an Instagram account I follow @girlonfilm__  Monday, write a 400 word letter to your teenage self. To my teenage self, This letter will probably feel a bit like all the advice your Mam gives you when things go wrong and you feel like the whole world is against you.Continue reading “A letter to my teenage self”