Lock down, slow down

With more and more restrictions being eased every week, lock down now seems like a strange dream or distant memory. Life is starting to look more normal every day although with some modifications such as people wearing face masks and ample hand sanitizer to use in every shop and building you enter. It’s been aroundContinue reading “Lock down, slow down”

My favourite plastic free swaps and eco advice.

It’s hard to go anywhere or do anything now without hearing about how humans are affecting the planet. We are consuming too much, producing too much waste and polluting our planet with rubbish and plastic waste. I started looking for ways that I could help after the legendary David Attenborough put a program on theContinue reading “My favourite plastic free swaps and eco advice.”

How has the lock down changed my relationship with money?

I’ve always had a love, hate relationship with money. When I was younger I was always a spender, as soon as I got my pocket money it would be burning a hole in my pocket to be spent. I never thought about saving for the future because when you’re 10, you don’t. Having that bagContinue reading “How has the lock down changed my relationship with money?”

Learning to let go, my journey to minimalism.

When I was younger I used to keep everything. If I picked up some pebbles on the beach I’d become attached to them and keep them, the same with toys, clothes, books and anything else you can imagine. My bedroom was bursting at the seams, I had bags of stuff in my parents loft thatContinue reading “Learning to let go, my journey to minimalism.”

It’s time to talk

In last week’s post, I reviewed a few of my favourite self help and lifestyle books in support of mental health awareness month. I’ve been reading books in this genre for years and years in an attempt to better understand my own mental health problems. I even spent a couple of years studying a degreeContinue reading “It’s time to talk”

Not another lock down blog

We’re probably all aware by now of the awful pandemic that’s sweeping the globe. We are spending more time than ever at home and as strange as this whole situation is, I’ve tried to use the time to slow down and reflect. Now, some people are hating not being able to go out and doContinue reading “Not another lock down blog”

Ding dong, Delivery!

I’ve written this post to describe what anxiety is like for me. Everyone is completely unique, anxiety affects everyone differently as well and this is my own experience and isn’t representative of all sufferers. I have written this post firstly to process my emotions for myself but also to share what it can be likeContinue reading “Ding dong, Delivery!”

A letter to my teenage self

The inspiration for this came from an Instagram account I follow @girlonfilm__  Monday, write a 400 word letter to your teenage self. To my teenage self, This letter will probably feel a bit like all the advice your Mam gives you when things go wrong and you feel like the whole world is against you.Continue reading “A letter to my teenage self”

You can find happiness in a hairbrush!

I’ve always made do throughout my life with either the thing that’s on trend and everyone has, the thing that’s cheap or on offer or the thing that’s still got life in it so why would I replace it.  I kept the same hair dryer for years that was a hand-me-down from my Mother, untilContinue reading “You can find happiness in a hairbrush!”

You have to be rich to have a dietary requirement

Around three times a week, I go to the coffee shop across the road from where I work to get a hot chocolate before I start my day. I’ve been going for a good couple of months and every time I am charged £2.55 for the pleasure. Now the price doesn’t bother me, what doesContinue reading “You have to be rich to have a dietary requirement”