“I hope we still…” Things I’d like to remain in the ‘new normal’

Complete lock down feels like a distant and surreal memory to me now. Thinking back it doesn’t seem real that I spent 12 weeks isolating in the house and trying to keep safe from the virus that has devastated the world. While we are still seeing localised lock downs in some areas of the UK,Continue reading ““I hope we still…” Things I’d like to remain in the ‘new normal’”

Lock down, slow down

With more and more restrictions being eased every week, lock down now seems like a strange dream or distant memory. Life is starting to look more normal every day although with some modifications such as people wearing face masks and ample hand sanitizer to use in every shop and building you enter. It’s been aroundContinue reading “Lock down, slow down”

A letter to my teenage self

The inspiration for this came from an Instagram account I follow @girlonfilm__  Monday, write a 400 word letter to your teenage self. To my teenage self, This letter will probably feel a bit like all the advice your Mam gives you when things go wrong and you feel like the whole world is against you.Continue reading “A letter to my teenage self”