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‘la dolce far niente’ started out in January 2020 when I decided to start writing a lifestyle blog as a creative outlet and I wrote posts about anything I could think of; exercise, diet, money, mental health and everything else in between.

I’ve always been very open and honest about my mental health and felt that talking about this in blog posts could help other people think about theirs. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for about 10 years and I’ve been through a series of treatments including medical antidepressants, counselling and CBT. I found that everything in life would seem to be fine and happy and then all of a sudden I was staring in the face of a ‘relapse’ and would quickly find my mental health spiraling out of control. I got treatment, things got better, life would go on and then I’d be back down in the bottom of the pit again.

I realised that I needed to change something. We eat a balanced diet and exercise to look after our bodies and keep them healthy but why not our minds? It’s also a muscle that needs to be worked out and kept in tip top condition! So I created my well being coaching sessions and courses. Filled with information, exercises for the mind, recommendations for books and podcasts, and ways to do small things each day to help look after your well being, your mind and your mental health, I’ve designed the sessions to be approachable for everyone! Please visit the courses page or get in touch for more information!

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*Disclaimer* – I am not a doctor or a health care professional. All of the information contained in the courses and sessions is not intended as medical advice and is not a cure for any mental health illnesses such as depression or anxiety. If you are suffering from a condition like this that is affecting your day to day life, then please seek help from your GP or health care professional. The courses and sessions are collections of information and techniques that I have found help to maintain my well being day to day, but I have also sought help when I feel like my mental health feels out of control and I would urge anyone else to do the same.

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