Lock down, slow down

With more and more restrictions being eased every week, lock down now seems like a strange dream or distant memory. Life is starting to look more normal every day although with some modifications such as people wearing face masks and ample hand sanitizer to use in every shop and building you enter. It’s been around a month since I came out of isolation and got back to work and I’ve been reflecting on this year and how it has changed me.

I’ve always been the kind of person that multi-tasks when I’m motivated and procrastinates when I feel lazy. I always thought it was a great thing that I could do three or four things at once but during lock down, I often didn’t have enough to do to do multiple things at the same time which made me feel like I was being unproductive. Any tasks I needed to do, I would take my time with, which was a first for me as I normally try to get things done as quickly as possible so I can move onto the next job. The thing I found surprising, is that I really enjoyed doing things this way.

Not only did I enjoy slowing down, but I stopped putting things off. If I noticed something needed doing, such as fixing my jewellery box or putting something away, I would do it straight away. It probably goes without saying but my stress levels reduced, I felt like I had more time and my mind wasn’t occupied with all the extra tasks I was thinking about getting done. I managed to get so many jobs done that I had been putting off for years, I cleared out both of my spare rooms full of junk, I deep cleaned the house, I repaired clothes and I got a few of my unfinished projects done. Because I had a lot of free time during lock down, I tried to spend it productively so that once life resumed, I would have more free time to spend on the things I love.

When I felt motivated, I used to be someone who tried to get everything done as fast as I could including getting from A to B. I got stressed in traffic, panicked if something took longer than I thought it should and felt annoyed when I couldn’t complete my to do list in a day. Now, I have slowed down. I don’t plan as much in one day because I like to take my time with the things I do and try to enjoy them more. Even the boring jobs like cutting the grass, I try to find some enjoyment in by spending time appreciating that I have grass to cut, I can hear birds singing and that the sun might be shining.

That’s the best thing that has changed about me since lock down, I’ve learnt to slow down and enjoy slowing down. I no longer get stressed if I’m stuck in traffic, it won’t change anything. If I take all afternoon to do one task, that’s fine, I’ll finish it when I do. I’m enjoying a slower pace of life, walking slower, eating slower not rushing to the next thing but being present in the moment. Meditation has helped me to be more present in the moment and it is definitely something I’ve been missing from my life. I just didn’t realise it.

Nothing has changed really on the outside, the world hasn’t stopped spinning because I’ve stopped multitasking as much, things still get done and time still passes. I just have a greater appreciation for things, I value time more and I take time to enjoy things more. Even boring things like folding washing or making the bed,

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2 thoughts on “Lock down, slow down

  1. I loved reading this post! It’s amazing that you learned how to slow down during Lockdown, and, most importantly, that you managed to keep this after! I’m constantly stressing over not having enough time so I might definitely try your approach of planning less thing for a day, in order to take my time to do it!

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