Finding out my personality type

Have you ever wondered why you do things the way you do? Or why you prefer to be some social situations and not others? I did too. I had always wondered why I did things the way I did and what made me different to other people. I had always felt different, maybe because I was more quiet growing up, or because I preferred to sit alone all day and read rather than go out shopping with a group of friends. That’s what led me to what to find out more about my personality type.

I had seen other people talk about their personality type as a string of letters and always wondered what they meant, so I followed their lead and found a test online. You may or may not have heard about the Myers-Briggs personality test which was created by Katharine Cook Myers and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers in the 1940’s. It’s a questionnaire type test that breaks down personality types into 16 possibilities made up from 8 letters representing different attributes.

The letters are; E for extroversion, I for introversion, T for thinking, F for feeling, S for sensing, N for intuition, J for judging and P for perceiving.

I used the website ’16 personalities’ to find out my personality type. This website takes you through a simple questionnaire then uses your answers to tell you what personality type you fit into. Not only that, but it also gives you loads of information about your personality type, how common it is, what makes you who you are, and so much more! I was fascinated by everything I found out, it was like reading a passage of information that had been written just for me.

My personality type is Turbulent Mediator, INFP-T. This means I am 99% introverted over extroverted, 64% intuitive over observant, 64% feeling over thinking, 57% prospecting over judging, and 93% turbulent over assertive.

Finding out my personality type was not only interesting but it has really helped me to understand myself so much better! I now know how I work best, and why I get frustrated and uninspired in some situations because they just don’t agree with me and my values. I’ve been able to change things to help me work better or feel more comfortable in certain situations and I’ve also rediscovered and confirmed my values and what is important to me.

Today’s blog has been a short one but I really encourage you to go to ’16 personalities’, take the test and find out your personality type. It’s been so valuable to me and I completely believe it will be to you too.

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