The sweetness of doing nothing…

Imagine you’re sitting on a little balcony in the heart of the Italian countryside, drink to hand, doing nothing.

The sun is shining down, you can hear birds nearby singing and feel a gentle breeze on your face while you sit. How long would you spend there, by yourself just doing nothing? A few minutes, an hour or so, the whole day, or how about a week? Would your mind wander to all the other things that you could be doing with the time, mentally making a list and fidgeting to get started. Or could you enjoy ‘La Dolce Far Niente?’ The sweetness of doing nothing.

Now, the picture I painted there would be the best way I can think of spending a day, a weekend or even most of my life. But there’s always something in my mind that needs to be done or gets in the way; washing, folding, shopping, decluttering, the list goes on. I think about the day when I have ticked everything off my many To-Do lists and I can enjoy the day doing nothing, just being. But in my mind, that seems far off on the horizon, a dream even.

I suffer from Anxiety, about everything. You name it, I get anxious about it. Having too much, having too little, eating right, the way I spend my time, if I’m going to get sick, what people think of me, what I think of myself, what I do and say and even down to the things I like and don’t like. I overthink everything constantly and my life seems to be one huge To-Do list that just keeps getting bigger with not much being ticked off.

I spend a lot of time reading articles and blogs and watching documentaries about everything I could do to become a ‘better person’, live a ‘better life’ and maybe not feeling stressed from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep, but I never quite make that first step towards doing anything. So I decided to start writing, to document my journey through trying to stress less, and really enjoy ‘la dolce far niente’. I’m going to start making baby steps towards shredding my countless lists and plans to just become happy with who I am and enjoying life, we are only on this ride once and I know I’m not going to look back when I’m old and grey and think, “Yes, I’m glad I spent so much time stressed and writing lists.” I just can’t see that happening.

I’ll be including a mixture of lifestyle, money, food, home, fashion, travel, work, and generally everything else that makes up day to day life!

Because at the end of the day, when it comes to living life, we only get one chance so as I keep reminding myself, this is it.

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